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    From cleaning your villa up to a private charter service. We transform your stay into a real experience of superior quality.

    Large scale real estate transactions

    Elite property rental

    We are a young and dynamic group in the real estate sector of luxury propertys, and new ideas inventing, we offer our clients the best elite services carefully studied and selected from among those existing in the modern market. Our commitment and quality make us focus on offering the best comfort and viability for our clients.

    Luxury Real Estate Consultant

    We provide assistance and advice to our clients in order to offer the best services as real estate consultants. We offer all opportunities, with consideration to their needs and personal tastes. We support new ideas and always have our own one in stock to provide the most excellent results.

    Projects development

    In Realty Villas, we also manage and implement the investment process. We cooperate with funds which considering our clearly emphasizing experience and a privileged strategic position in Costa Blanca are willing to bet on our strengths within the sector, in order to develop new projects providing our partners with a guarantee of return on their investments.

    VIP service

    VIP basic Package

    Foreigner´s ID NUMBER

    Identification number of a foreign national. If it's necessary, we'll help you in getting NIE number. That NIE number is required for any financial transfers in Spain.

    Bank Accounts

    We offer to open a bank account in Spain in your name; when this is done, you'll have easy access to it personally or through the internet, so it will serve to settle services, payments required in Spain and anywhere else in the world.

    Consumer Profit

    We make sure that all services are appropriately provided in your accommodation and all invoices are properly issued. We will make easier your Internet access to check the invoices correctness. Based on the relevant archive we will get evidence of your invoices payment in a timely manner. If it's necessary we can check the meter acounts. 

    Mailing Service

    We can collect all your mail send to our mailing address. We will regularly forward that mail or keep saved until the moment you take it, so you will never lose any letter what you received.


    In Spain, as a property owner, you must pay the relevant taxes to the tax authorities. We take responsibility to prepare and provide you with these taxes: "IBI" real estate tax, municipal tax on garbage removal and transport tax, if necessary.

    Vip Plus Package

    Residence Keys Services

    We can make duplicate keys from your home and store those keys.

    Telephone and E-mail

    We can answer calls and e-mails to your name.

    Property Control

    At your request we can make sure that your property is in order: windows, gas, swimming pool condition, garden.

    Contracted Services

    At your request, we can conclude a contract for servicing your property. Of course, we will inform you preliminarily of the service cost sending you a clear and detailed estimate in advance.

    Cleaning Service

    We hire professional cleaners at an hourly rate and we always check the provided services quality.


    We have gardeners-experts to maintain your garden in good conditions as well as landscaping artists and designers to arrange your garden in perfect condition.

    Pool Service

    You can also sign a contract on the swimming pool maintenance and cleaning service.


    If you wish to have cook service throughout your stay, we can provide that both on a long-term or short-term basis.


    When waiter’s internal service needed, we can hire this staff for you.

    Vip Premium Package

    Safe & Accommodated arrival

    Upon preliminary arrangement we can prepare your house for your arrival and buy those goods that you consider necessary: food, hygienic products, housewares; preheat your house in winter and turn on the air conditioner in summer, in order to provide you with the most comfortable arrival.

    Committee of Tenants

    At your request, we can attend the tenants committee meeting on your behalf, noting the decisions taken at the meeting and voting for you, if necessary; get annual reports and send all the information you need about the committee of tenants in the language you wish.

    Other services

    We also provide the following services for our clients comfort and safety:
    • Legal consultation
    • Consulting services on taxes
    • Employment of persons
    • Interpreter
    • Notary
    • Insurance policy conclusion
    • Technical inspection
    • Financial management, mortgages, plans for pensions payment
    • Vehicle registration, technical inspection of the vehicle
    • Signing a contract for alarm and professional security services
    • Architecture: creation, development and construction
    • Designer services
    • Landscaping projects
    • Maintenance of the house, garden, electricity, cleaning, etc...
    • Maintenance and installation of swimming pools
    • Dwelling control
    • Transportation services, personal driver
    • Transportation services, personal driver
    • Organization of events and celebrations
    • Event catering
    • House-steward
    • Satellite TV, telephone and internet. We arrange contract conclusion and equipment installation
    • We operate as a call center for your property security
    • Spanish classes
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