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    Cruise in the province of Las Palmas

    Eastern islands


    You can choose the meeting point. In addition to modifying the itinerary and days of duration

    DAY 1

    The route takes two hours, departing from the sports pier of the province capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, towards the port of Morro Jable, located in the Fuerteventura island southern part and having status of a Biosphere Reserve.
    From this point starts further visit to Jandia natural park whose characteristic feature are desert landscapes, huge abysses thus the geological significance being mire interested due to species diversity in flora and fauna. These more than 14,000 hectares also locate the El Cofete, one of the largest and wildest beaches of the archipelago.

    DAY 2
    Morro Jable - Lobos Island

    Further the voyage continues along the overgrown island coast, meantime you can enjoy the virgin landscape with emerald water and white sand, typical for 150 km of beaches and volcanic mountains. Then the next stop is at the Sports Port of El Castillo de Coleta de Fusta, passing by the way the famous beaches of Costa Calma and Del Roque.

    Next, we reach the natural park of Dunas de Corralejo, where from you can enterprise an excursion to Cotillo and the famous Playa de las Conchas, visiting as well Villa de Vetcanuria, representing one of the most significant colonial epoue landmarks in the history of the Canary Islands.
    Finally, from Puerto de Corralejo, the cruise continues to Lanzarote, with a stop in the famous Lobos Island Natural Park.

    DAY 3

    Only 20 minutes of schooner sailing make distance from the Lobos island and the pier Marina de Rubicon, in the famous Lanzarote island, declared by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve. From here you can visit Castillo de Aguila or Las Coloradas, as well as see beaches and landscapes, a kind of the island's business card, such as Playa Blanca or the famous Cala de Papagayo, ideal for scuba diving and exploring the richness of the marine depths.

    DAY 4
    Marina de Rubicon - Marina de Arrecife

    On this island we stop at various ports such as Calero, Del Carmen and Marina de Arrecife to discover the Fuego island idyllic landscapes, for example, the volcanic vineyard of La Geria and other symbolic places where you can enjoy the multifaceted talent of Caesar Manrique such as The Cactus Garden, numerous observation platforms and the Artist's own fund.

    DAY 5
    Marina de Arrecife-Orzola

    Arriving at the port of Orzola, on the Lanzarote northern coast, you can have short inland excursions to see the famous places of Cuéva de los Verdes, Los Jámeos del Agua and El Mirador del Río. After this port the next stop is La Gloriosa, the most curious and least populated island of the archipelago.

    DAY 6

    The cruise continues along the Lanzarote south-west, revealing the Natural Park of Timanfaya, the Volcanoes route and other outstanding places such as the Green Lagoon of El-Gulf and the cliffs of Los-Ervideros, and also do not forget about the sea depths impressive landscapes.
    The day ends with the arrival at Port of Janubio, where you can visit the largest saline lands of the Canary Islands.

    DAY 7
    Return to Gran Canaria

    From the Port of Janubio, a calm backward journey begins, so you can enjoy relaxing under the sun in the Goleta solarium or have short underwater excursions on the high seas. Upon arrival, from the sports port pier of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, you can easily get to the city via Paseo Maritimo and visit the most important places, such as Playa de las Canteras or the old city district consisting of Triana Boulevard and Vegeta District.

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